Jari Kempers is a senior health economist at Qalys Health Economics. He has a PhD from Radboud University. His doctoral thesis: Economic Analysis of Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes - a Multi-Country Study, is presented on this website. He has a Master’s Degree in Health Economics, Policy and Law from Erasmus University. Jari Kempers is specialized in cost- and cost-effectiveness analyses, and related policy making support and advisory services. He has worked as a health economist consultant since 2007. He has successfully designed, managed and completed research projects for international clients across the world. He has broad experience in health economic research, ranging from health economic modelling for a cancer treatment dossier to cost-effectiveness analyses of prevention interventions.

Contact Jari Kempers: jari.kempers (a) Qalys.eu

Jari Kempers PhD cost effectiveness school based sexuality education programmes